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R.R. Floody Company, Inc. on LinkedIn


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R. R. Floody Company, Inc.

Helping you turn the factory of today into the factory of tomorrow - The Smart Factory.

 R.R. Floody Company, Inc. specializes in Factory Automation and Machine Vision Solutions for industry in the Greater Chicago Area. From our Rockford and Schaumburg offices we offer a variety of value-added solutions for your factory automation needs.

We can help you turn the factory of today into the factory of tomorrow- The Smart Factory. R.R. Floody Company is applying technology to provide our customer’s a level of integration for unsurpassed efficiency and productivity. For example, Vision sensors that are a data source with TCP/IP Ethernet Connectivity along with PC-Based Automation. These systems give real time plant floor data to significantly reduce labor cost, minimize waste and improve quality.

R.R. Floody Company, Inc. and our Strategic Partners can apply Smart Factory Technology to answer your four critical values:

1. Reduce My Risk
2. Make My Life Easier
3. Increase My Profitability
4. Increase My Competitive Edge

R.R. Floody Company represents over 25 manufacturers including, Cognex, Dorner, SICK, Advantech, IAI, Faztek, Barksdale, RFID, Inc., Factory Vision, Edmund Optics, CCS, Moritex, Parker-Origa, Strongarm and KMV. KEYWORDS: Machine Vision, Robots, robotics, optics, industrial ethernet, industrial automation.